So you want to learn how to dance, look good on the dance floor and not rely on alcohol to be confident.  Maybe you have a wedding or reunion coming up and you want to dance and be competent.  There are a lot of reasons to learn to dance!

  • Prepare for an event, such as a wedding, reunion or competition
  • Confidence
  • Wellness and Fitness

Whatever your age, there’s no better time to start dancing than right now!  Our goal is to help you get started and hopefully continue on your journey to become a competent social dancer or maybe start competing; the sky is the limit.

There are hundreds of benefits to dancing.  We can’t name them all but we’ll name several:

  • Fun!  Dancing is an enjoyable experience and a place to express yourself
  • Health and Wellness, Weight loss
  • Stress Relief
  • Increased stamina and flexibility
  • Bond with your spouse or significant other

Welcome to!  Drop by the forums and greet other dancers, maybe find a parter and ask any questions about dancing that you may have!